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Products | August 15, 2016

“What’s in a Name?”

You may have noticed that we recently changed the names and color identities of our products.  Our product specifications and ordering SKUs remain unchanged. So why did we retire the Helen, Susan, and Lucy Lamp product names?

First, our customers told us that as our standard plug and play product line expansion this year with new linear products, new pin products, next generation HID products, and both ballast driven and line driven variations would be easier to find and identify using a more descriptive name.  And secondly, with the upcoming new families of products with integrated sensors (which we showed this at LightFair earlier this year), all the fun, bright colors would  make it hard to quickly tell if you had a sensing or standard lamp installed.

So we listened!  It’s our with the old names/colors and in with new descriptive names.  Our standard products are in gray tones and our upcoming sensing products will be in blue tones.

Click here to get a quick reference list of the name and color identity changes.