The Smart
Lighting Platform

It’s a revolution in a lightbulb, retrofit kit or luminaire


The Smart Lighting Platform consists of a connected Smart Lamp and Smart Sensors on the premise and Lunera Cloud IoT Software and the Lunera Marketplace in the cloud. It is a forward-looking, open IoT infrastructure that enables indoor Real-Time Location-Based Services (RTLS) and delivers connected lighting and energy management for existing buildings. We bring the universal infrastructure, you own the data. Check out these distinguishing features of the Lunera Smart Lighting Platform compared to other on premise, proprietary approaches.

Smartly Integrated

Radios, sensors, and processors fit in the lamp endcap.

Configurable to enable Indoor GPS

The integrated BLE radio is used to triangulate.

Cloud-Connected and Wi-Fi Agnostic

The lamp is it’s own Wi-Fi gateway.

Installs simply like a TLED

Standard Type B Single-ended TLED installation.

Always Powered

Line driven, so the end point electronics are always on.

Software Commissioned

Commissioning is done in minutes through software.

Future-Proofed Universal IoT Gateway

Open, BLE standard connects any Bluetooth device in range.

Room-Level Positioning Accuracy

The density of lamps enables room-level precision positioning.

Open, Micro-Service Architecture

Open architecture and APIs enables fast, easy application porting.


The light source is the primary hardware component of the Smart Lighting Platform. Whether a smart lamp, retrofit kit, or fixture, its driven by our smart electronics module. We integrate that module into Lunera Smart T8 lamps, which are ready to install as simply as a T8 LED.

Products with the Smart Module, available through lighting manufacturers that recognize the simplicity and affordability of the solution, can connect their LED luminaires, retrofits and lamps to our open cloud-based software and marketplace.

Integrated at the chip-level, the Smart Module has four primary components:

  • A Wi-Fi radio for secure cloud connectivity and data backhaul to the cloud storage. The exceptional bandwidth of Wi-Fi smashes through clogged data pipes of other solutions.
  • A Bluetooth radio forms a local network connecting the platform devices and any Bluetooth IoT device in range, up to 50 assets per module can be tracked.
  • An Ambient Light Sensor for daylight harvesting.
  • A Microprocessor for lighting control and real-time energy measurement and verification.
  • Memory on-board stores the most recent event/time driven scenes or rules.

The Lunera Smart T8 Lamp and Smart Lighting Platform are DLQ Listed:

DLC 4.2


The Smart Lighting Platform can sense, and make sense, of its surroundings. Sensor data can by used by applications for location based services and affects energy consumption and building management.

Built-in Ambient Light Sensor

Inside the Smart Lamp is an ambient light sensor for daylight harvesting. It distinguishes between natural sunlight and artificial light.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Smart Sensors

We use third-party PIR sensors with firmware that enables them the connect to Smart Lighting Platform devices.

Smart Switches

When using one of our Bluetooth Smart Switches, your Smart Electronics can stay on while the lights turn off.

We offer battery-powered switches including a simple rock switch and combo switches/PIR sensor with On/Off/Auto functions.


The Smart Lighting Platform software, applications marketplace and data storage live securely in the cloud, connected to Smart Lamps and devices via Wi-Fi. This ensures your platform is future-proofed, and that you have access to your system and data 24x7x365 from anywhere.


The Command and Control Center

The Lunera Cloud IoT Software includes the tools you need to commission and manage your Smart Lighting devices, administrate your Smart Lighting Platform, and to access the data your platform generates.

  • Command and Control Software Functions:
    Browser or Smartphone accessible 24x7x365
  • Dashboard – system status at a glance
  • Facility Manager – map your facility, place fixtures, lamps, sensors, thermostats and switches, define zones
  • Alerts – Get alerts when the Platform status changes or if an external request or notification that affects the Platform is received
  • Marketplace Access – Access the Lunera Marketplace to select and activate applications and services that run on the Smart Lighting Platform.
Installing, Commissioning, Controlling, and Reporting Apps

The Smart Lamps are activated during installation using a smartphone Installer App. Identify, position, and connect Smart Lamps and Smart Sensors to the cloud-based facility map in the Command and Control Software.

Commissioning is done in software and takes just two minutes. Write rules and policies for the Smart Lamps and Smart Sensors and push updates to the lamps anytime from the cloud through Wi-Fi.

Loss of Wi-Fi? Use the smartphone Remote App to turn Smart Lights on/off or dim them.

The Energy Reporting App generates basic energy usage data.


The Lunera Marketplace is the cloud-based home of Lunera Smart Lighting Platform applications and APIs, accessible through the Cloud IoT Software.

Our software architecture is open and micro-services based, making it easy to develop solutions for the platform. Independent Software Vendors are partnering with Lunera, adding an array of powerful applications that extends the platform use as a Universal IoT Gateway and Location Based Services infrastructure.

Location Services Applications

  • iBeacon/Eddystone Beacon Apps
  • Asset Tracking
  • Proximity Messaging
  • Indoor Wayfinding
  • Facility Utilization Mapping

Energy Application

  • Honeywell Occupancy-based Thermostat Control
  • Automated Demand Response (openADR 2.0b certified solution)