SensAble is simple.

Our MH LED ST and Fluorescent LED ST Lamps work out of the box with no extra equipment or complex commissioning. Just plug these LED lamps in, and they will deliver additional value by responding to the environment using their built-in daylight and occupancy sensors.

Plug and play

Save money and simplify installation by leveraging existing fixtures and ballasts.

The sensors are integrated into the lamp.

Get automatic daylight dimming and occupancy sensing - without having to think about it.

  • Occupancy Sensors

    Cutting edge Doppler technology is more responsive than traditional occupancy sensing technology. It’s sensitive enough to “see around corners”.

  • Daylight Dimming

    Sophisticated circuitry allows the daylight sensors to differentiate between natural light coming in through the windows and artificial light being produced by LED lamps. The lamp then responds and dims accordingly.

  • Measurement & Verification

    Onboard circuitry continuously measures wattage over time so that you can track your operational costs.

How it Works.

We’ve integrated advanced sensors and connectivity into Lunera’s plug and play lamps. These extend energy savings and create a perfect platform for gathering information and delivering new levels of business value through ever-evolving Apps on your dashboard.

Use less energy. Save more money.

SensAble Technology can generate 30% additional energy savings beyond an LED-only upgrade. And because we’ve integrated sensors into the lamps and eliminated complexity, the cost to deploy is a fraction of traditional control system offerings.


The IoT ecosystem of ST Connect provides additional savings by enabling Automated Demand Response (ADR) and integration with the HVAC system.

Wireless mesh networking is built-in.

It’s easy to network ST lamps. By adding a gateway, you create a distributed sensor network throughout your buildings. Connect the gateway to the Cloud through a cellular modem and get ready to unleash the potential of your IoT ecosystem.

Unlock new value with ST Connect

The new ST Connect software leverages the Stack Enabled (TM) platform from Stack Labs to process data gathered from the ST sensor network and provide visualization and analysis tools, delivering functionality well beyond lighting.