Applications and APIs


Lunera Smart Lamps, accessories and software work seamlessly as the Smart Lighting Platform, which becomes a universal IoT gateway enabling IoT devices to communicate and collaborate in a facility. The Smart Lamps are a facility-wide sensor array enabling location-based real-time location-based services.


The Smart Lighting Platform both enhances the capability of lighting control/energy optimization and deploys the optimal IoT infrastructure to run applications from Lunera and ecosystem partners, redefining what a smart building can offer.


It’s open-architecture and use of Bluetooth in the facility makes the platform a flexible, extensible and affordable way to deploy indoor location and other services.


Application categories include:


  • Indoor Location and Advanced Energy apps, which are added-value applications that use the infrastructure created by Lunera Smart Lamps for purposes other than lighting


  • Smart Lighting Platform APIs, which enable third-party and ecosystem partners to develop additional applications and hardware that utilizes the Lunera Smart Lighting Platform


  • Lunera Cloud IoT Software apps, which bundled with the Smart Lamps, to install, manage and monitor the Lunera Smart Lamps

Applications are activated in the Lunera Applications Marketplace, which resides in the Cloud and are available to Lunera Smart Lighting Platform account holders through their Lunera Cloud IoT Software.