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January 04, 2018

Lunera Announces General Availability of Lunera Smart Lamps and Ambient Compute Platform

Marketplace of Context-aware Applications Now Available to Customers

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 4, 2018 – Lunera, an IoT infrastructure company, today announced the general availability of Lunera Smart Lamps and the Lunera Ambient Compute software platform, together with initial applications available as mobile apps and in the Lunera Ambient Compute Marketplace. Using the compute technology in each Lunera Smart Lamp, the Lunera Ambient Compute platform enables context-aware applications to run in and between the cloud, the edge and the device itself.

The Lunera Ambient Compute software platform can connect internet of things (IoT) devices to the cloud as the wireless infrastructure in each Lunera Smart Lamp can deliver an indoor IoT network that is ubiquitous and dense. The network currently supports devices that use Bluetooth protocols.

“Until now, no one conceived of the lighting infrastructure as the network or the platform for ambient computing. Today, we’re making it a reality and delivering on our vision,” said John Bruggeman, CEO, Lunera. “As part of our vision, we see today’s devices and services evolving from just things – into a state that surrounds us, into a platform that informs us, an intelligence that empowers us and an ambience that transforms our every interaction and experience.”

As part of the first wave of capabilities, Lunera applications and APIs designed for indoor wayfinding, asset tracking, proximity messaging, space utilization and more are now available in the Lunera Ambient Compute Marketplace. The Marketplace is built on an open, standards-based microservice architecture that enables rapid development, deployment and integration of third-party ecosystem applications. The Lunera Ambient Compute Platform consists of a connected Lunera Smart Lamp with bundled lamp management software and access to Ambient Compute Apps from the Marketplace to enhance the functionality of the Lunera Smart Lamp infrastructure through application-specific apps.

Real-time location-based services (RTLS): RTLS applications— including Lunera Asset Tracking, Lunera iBeacon and Lunera Eddystone Apps turn each lamp into a beacon that can transmit and receive signals. With these applications, and their corresponding APIs, the Lunera Ambient Compute platform supports proximity messaging, indoor GPS, asset tracking and space utilization, while providing pinpoint accuracy with a beacon and a BLE gateway every 100 square feet and connectivity to the cloud where intelligence resides.
Energy management: Energy-focused applications – including the Lunera Automated Demand Response App, Lunera eReports App and Lunera Occupancy-based HVAC Control –provide a customizable experience for each building occupant. Utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity, each lamp can send energy usage to the cloud for interpretation and action, and adjust automatically to its surroundings. This enables savings beyond the initial switch to an energy efficient LED bulb, by harvesting daylight or dimming individual lights in case of peak electrical demand. Lunera also enables tighter connectivity between utilities and customers to drive greater energy savings.
Building Configuration and Lighting Controls: The Lunera Cloud Provisioning and Lunera Commissioning Apps enable the creation of customer information, populating facility data, zones, floors, suites, adding lamps, and configuring lighting zones within the facility. Users can also control the lighting within the facility, from the Cloud platform or from the Lunera Mobile App.

Availability and Pricing
The Lunera Ambient Compute software platform, Lunera Smart Lamps and Lunera Ambient Compute Marketplace applications are available now. Lunera Smart Lamps are priced per lamp and per fixture, and can be purchased via a combination of hardware and software bundles available on a yearly or multi-year basis.

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About Lunera, Inc.
Lunera is an IoT infrastructure company that provides an ambient compute platform to connect billions of devices to the cloud. Lunera’s breakthrough approach enables context-aware, fully automated applications to run in and between the cloud, the edge and the device itself. A robust set of these applications such as indoor wayfinding, asset tracking, Wi-Fi monitoring, proximity messaging and space utilization are available in the Lunera Ambient Compute Marketplace. The company’s unique invention embeds sophisticated IoT-edge technology, networking, compute, sensors and controls capabilities, directly into each LED lamp. Light bulbs are well positioned for this paradigm shift due to its low cost of deployment through energy savings, ubiquity, density and always-on power. Lunera is redefining traditional LED lighting to catalyze change and realize the promise of ambient computing. For additional information, visit or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.