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November 17, 2017

Lunera wants to define the shape of edge computing

Stacey on IoT

This week I met a company called Lunera that's embedding computing in LED light bulbs. Literally. Each LED bulb slots into a traditional enterprise or commercial lighting ballast and contains an ARM Cortex A7 quad-core processor that also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios. Each lightbulb-turned-server also runs a variety of applications in Docker containers. Is this crazy? The pendulum is clearly swinging back to local compute after years of singing the praises of the cloud. And while in reality a hybrid model will emerge that shunts appropriate jobs to the cloud and other jobs to computers located at the so-called edge, the hype for edge computing is hot and heavy at the moment.

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November 15, 2017

Lunera turns lights into an “ambient cloud” of distributed Linux servers

Ars Technica

The Internet of Things is a powerful concept, especially in the industrial world—but it's also full of potential security disasters and hidden computing and networking costs. But what if all you had to do to create a secure network of distributed Linux systems—complete with location awareness and custom application support capable of supporting location-based applications like asset tracking, robotic delivery, and "smart rooms"—was to change the lightbulbs? That's the concept behind Lunera's Smart Lamps. These LED-based replacements for fluorescent and other commercial lighting systems also have a full Linux server with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 2 gigabytes of RAM, and 2 gigabytes of Flash storage embedded in their end-caps. The Bluetooth capability includes iBeacon micro-location services—enabling retail, medical, and industrial location services. And the Wi-Fi "enables Wi-Fi network monitoring and also extending the Wi-Fi mesh," CEO John Bruggeman explained in an interview with Ars. "Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are like electricity and water for the digital experience."

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May 05, 2017

10 Most Promising Energy Management Solution Providers 2017

CIO Insights

Energy Management is easier said than done. It is one of the most entangled processes in the industry, with almost all elements being moving pieces and involving typically ten to fifteen departments coordinating with each other. Naturally, this megalithic complex environment has manifested as an opportunity for technology that has a taste for problem solving and large volume processing. Energy Management is on the cusp of a technological revolution, with energy managers turning rapidly towards data science and computing power for an answer that not only meets their current needs, but fits aesthetically in the future projections of their usage and processing requirements. The ground premise for most of these solutions must revolve around the nature of the energy sector environment, which is highly viscous in the movement of data, regulated heavily by compliance requirements, and catering to large volumes, sometimes petabytes of data. Transforming energy data into financial metrics is an important aspect of energy management solutions, almost a standard requirement for the energy sector on the whole. Analytical capabilities, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and event response tools can automate asset management and reduce downtime to a minimum—leading to cost-effectiveness, streamlining of processes, and higher ROI for the consumers....

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May 04, 2017

Is This Still the Lighting Industry?

We saw the recent announcement that Lunera Lighting has appointed John Bruggeman as its new CEO. He is a seemingly successful and highly qualified individual whose professional background includes zero experience in the lighting and electrical industries, but has an abundant amount of leadership experience with prominent Silicon Valley companies like Cadence, AOL and Netscape. We noticed a well-intentioned and friendly note on LinkedIn sent in Bruggeman’s direction: “Welcome to the Lighting Industry, John!” That note inspired us to wonder if he is joining the lighting industry, or – if the lighting industry is shifting to become a small subset of his tech industry. Perhaps we are emerging to be a subsector – the Smart Buildings and Cities industry. 100 years ago, railroad companies thought they were in the railroad business. They eventually failed. Ones that realized they were in the transportation business succeeded. 20 years ago, companies believed they were in the mall/shopping center retail store business. Companies slow to adapt to online sales failed. Ones that invested and adapted quickly succeeded. And a bunch of new and nimble upstarts entered the space with no storefronts and are now great successes. 10 years ago, companies that thought they were...

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December 15, 2016

Retrolux announces partnership to feature Lunera LED lighting in integrated software platform

LEDs Magazine

Boise, ID. Retrolux announced a new partnership with Lunera. Lunera’s smart LED lighting products will soon be exclusively featured in Retrolux’s integrated software solution for the commercial lighting retrofit industry. Retrolux helps electrical contractors, ESCOs, and VARs grow their business by saving time and money, and closing deals at a faster rate. Retrolux is free to use, providing an unlimited number of users -- insuring that lighting retrofitters are prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century. Interested in more articles & announcements on LED lighting? Lunera’s products include LED replacements for: HID lamps & retrofit kits, linear fluorescent lamps, and pin-based CFLs. The company has rapidly transcended standard lighting to become an innovative Energy Management Optimization company. Lunera’s IoT platform, integrated into next generation plug-and-play LED lighting, easily solves the problem of capturing building usage and building awareness data and will change the way companies run their business. According to Leif Elgethun, President of Retrolux, “This partnership between Retrolux and Lunera will give our software users easy access to the latest Lunera product specs, pricing, and purchasing, while automating rebates, controls, and commissioning, all within the Retrolux platform. We are thrilled to partner with Lunera.” John Bruggeman, CMO &...

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