Lunera T-LED Lamp Type C Retrofit Kits

Schools, hospitals and other applications that require 12V low voltage DC at the fixture sockets require the ballast to be removed and replaced with an LED driver. Our UL Type C TLED Retrofit Kits pair 1, 2, 3, or 4 TLED lamps with a dimmable Lunera LED driver.

In addition to added safety, these kits can also qualify for rebates from utility companies that are concerned about “snapback” by removing the ballast and converting the fixture to LED lamps only.


Lunera Type C TLED Kits

Lunera HID LED Vertical Lamp
Type B Retrofit Kits

Lunera HID LED lamps can be configured for hardwired installation. The E39 Mogul base is replaced with a post connector that slots into a catch plate affixed to the fixture’s’ reflector bracket. This eliminates “snapback” and ensures persistence, which qualifies the Lunera lamp for broader Utility Rebates. The lamp is hardwired to line voltage in the fixture’s’ ballast junction box.