Savings from day one

Enjoy instant ROI and reduce your facility OpEx starting from day one. Total savings up to $0.75 per Sq Ft annually is possible over the life of the lamps. Since no capital is required, we’ve eliminated budget obstacles.

Profits to you.

Lighting as a Service cost.

Lighting as a Service is billed as a saved energy rate, fixed at a deep discount to current energy rates.

A turnkey solution

We provide LED lamps, installation, and maintenance. We even take care of project management and logistics.

A proven model

Over 45M sqft and counting deployed using this model.

The scalable profit driver

Lighting as a Service lets you move fast to maximize profit. Scale across all of your assets without impact on capital budget.


What is Lighting as a Service (LaaS)?

Lunera LaaS is not a lease. LaaS is a turnkey service of Lunera Lighting designed to eliminate the need to make a CapEx decision for a lighting upgrade.

Are there upfront costs?

No, it’s a turnkey service. It includes initial plug and play Lunera LED lamps, installation, project management, and contract period maintenance. Saved Energy service payments can be treated as off balance sheet transactions, which allows for rapid deployment.

How is it billed?

It’s billed monthly as a “Saved Energy” utility payment, based on kWhrs saved. Your energy savings are funding your lighting upgrade.

What’s the payback?

Subscribers are immediately Cash Flow Positive.

What happens afterwards?

You keep the lamps and continue long term savings on your utility payments.

Can I upgrade in phases?

Multiphase deployments are certainly possible with no upfront costs. However, maximum savings are achieved with a full portfolio retrofit.