Lunera HID
LED Lamps

Standard LED replacements for Metal
Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lamps

20,000 lumens with LED energy savings

Saves > 60% on energy compared to HID

MH and HPS

Both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps can be replaced with a single lamp to reduce SKUs/ inventory and simplify upgrades.

Robust Design

  • Ballast or Line Driven

  • Improved Surge Protection

  • Enhanced Active and Passive Thermal Management to 150°F

Installation Options

Keep the standard white opaque lens or select a Fresnel or clear lens instead.

The E26 base models are also available with a short neck, ideal for parking garage fixtures.


We took our great LED lamps and made them better by using the lamp as the housing for advanced sensors, controllers and wireless communications.

Sensor Lamps work out of the box, cutting power by 30% over standard LEDs and can form a wireless sensor network to make your buildings responsive. Connected Sensor Lamps send precious data to Lunera’s Energy Management Software, putting you in control of your energy usage.



Our HID LED lamps can be hardwired into your fixture ballast supply – and hardwired into utility rebates – with the HID Retrofit Kit.

Performance, Quality and Reliability

  • Many of our standard LED replacement lamps are DLC listed, qualifying them for rebates. Check individual product specs for DLC status.

  • All Lunera products are UL Listed in the US and Canada. Depending on the product, it may be UL Recognized, Listed, or Classified. The specific UL Certification is indicated on the cut sheet.

  • Our 120V~277V Line Driven (ballast bypassed) products are FCC approved for your protection.