You’ll be a Hero.

Shrink your warehouse energy usage without the budget, resource, and payback challenges.

What’s stopping a typical warehouse energy upgrade?

  • Limited CapEx Budget
  • Must have a fast payback
  • Has to be done with minimal resource and downtime

  Warehouses are synonymous with power-hungry metal halide lamps in hard-to-reach, high bay fixtures.

  You know it as soon as you walk in and see lights burned out, with no two colors the same. It may be too disruptive to make the scheduled lamp changes, so you just let them burn until they fail. The problem is, they are taking a bite out of productivity and destroying your energy budget.

  What’s stopping you from changing them? Most of our warehouse customers tell us the same thing…they don’t have a budget, they cost too much to have a quick payback, and they don’t have the resources to handle the maintenance without killing productivity in a busy warehouse.


We can fix that.

In a typical warehouse installation, Lunera’s plug-and-play LED lamps reduce energy consumption by more than 50%. They also reduce operating costs and boost productivity with instant-on/

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Solutions for an energy efficient warehouse.

Save more than 50% on lighting energy with plug-and-play lamps


Upgrade without CapEx and be cash flow positive from day one

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