Keeping your campus safe and beautiful doesn’t have to break the budget.

It’s hard to look good and stay on budget, isn’t it?

  • You have to keep the campus safe and architecturally stunning
  • Maintenance and energy costs are spiraling out of control
  • You have a limited CapEx budget and resources to upgrade

  You love your campus and take pride that your team creates an inspiring setting. But isn’t it always that cold, wet night in the remote corner of the quad when a lamp post flickers and goes out? Keeping the campus safe is of great importance, so you roust the team and the truck and the lift and the gear – a lot of expense to change a cheap HID lamp that does nothing to enhance the architectural statement you made with your lamp post fixtures.

  You’re at a university where it’s taught to think different. Would you upgrade your lamps to LED today if you could go to the Campus Grounds Management Director and Budget Office and say you can upgrade to LED lamps that eliminate years of maintenance cycles? Switch over quickly to limit disruption to the students? Enhance the look of your fixtures, and pay for it expeditiously with dramatic energy savings? You can, with Lunera!

In a typical campus installation, Lunera’s plug-and-play LED lamps reduce energy consumption by more than 50%. They also reduce operating costs and look fantastic in architecturally beautiful fixtures. Read the case study

Solutions for an energy efficient campus.

Save more than 50% on lighting energy with plug-and-play lamps. Upgrading is simple. Just replace the lamps and reduce installation time and resources.

HID LED 360 Lamps

Upgrade without CapEx and be cash flow positive from Day One. This scalable turnkey service will manage the upgrade project, supply the lamps, and maintain them.

Lighting as a Service