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Industry | February 22, 2017

DLC paves the way for Utility Rebates and Affordable LED Retrofits

DLC paves the way for Utility Rebates and Affordable LED Retrofits

Upgrading your building’s lighting to LED can be an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. There are two tools available to help reduce the cost of an LED upgrade for your facility. First, whenever possible, retrofit using plug-and-play or line driven LED replacement lamps. This is a fast way to upgrade with lower labor costs, less disruption and without triggering building code compliance requirements.

The second way is to look for LED retrofit lamps that are listed by the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC). Why? Because many utility companies have adopted DLC specifications as a requirement to be eligible to receive a rebate, which can eliminate most, and in some cases all of the LED upgrade cost.

Thanks to these generous utility rebates, taking the step to install long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs is now a simple process that rewards your bottom line for being eco-conscious.

How much energy savings are we talking about?

In 2016, US commercial and industrial existing real estate reached 100 BILLION square feet. According to the US Energy Information Administration, lighting these commercial and institutional facilities consumed about 258 billion kWh in 2015 – equivalent to about 6% of the total US electricity production. Switching to LED lamps would relieve strain on US energy grid production by cutting this figure in half.

Put another way, if businesses have an incentive to switch to LED lighting, the annual energy savings would be enough to power all of the homes in California annually. Imagine California homes dropping off the grid – that’s huge.

The combination of LED retrofit lamps that are simple to install and have lower installation costs, with utility rebates driven by adherence to DLC specifications, makes upgrading fast and affordable with evergreen energy savings.

The New DLC 4.1 Category for CFL LED Lamps

DLC is a non-profit organization that promotes the adoption of high-performing commercial lighting solutions, namely LEDs, in collaboration with utilities, manufacturers/designers, and government entities. Its goal is to get the most businesses using the most energy-efficient lighting possible.

One way the DLC generates a higher standard of excellence in commercial lighting is through the issuance of specifications. DLC continuously tightens the specifications of lamps to meet lower energy consumption levels, while continuing to deliver appropriate lumens at the work place. This translates into a higher efficacy threshold required for LED light manufacturers to receive DLC Qualification for their products.

Not all LED lamps have a DLC category. That doesn’t necessarily disqualify them from utility rebates, but it makes them harder to find. For example, until January 2017, DLC had no category for common 4-pin CFL LED retrofit lamps.

Meeting and exceeding each challenge set forth by DLC has routinely been a top priority for Lunera during our lamp development process. Lunera worked with DLC and its technical committee to establish a 4-pin CFL LED lamp category in its new v4.1 specification. This new specification drives up efficacy nearly 30% by increasing lumen output and lowering lamp wattage.

Lunera’s new DLC 4.1 Listed 4-pin CFL LED G24q Lamp

Our recently introduced 4-pin CFL LED is the 4th generation in this family. With a whopping 42% increase in efficacy, it is the first 4-pin CFL LED in the industry to meet DLC’s new 4.1 specification and receive DLC listing.


New Gen 4 Gen 3
CFL Watts Replaced 18W, 26W, 32W, 42W 26W, 32W, 42W
LED Lamp Wattage 11W 13W
Max Lumens 1,445 lm 994 lm
Efficacy 131 lm/W 76 lm/W
DLC Listed Yes No
Ballast Compatibility Even More Industry Leading


Since receiving its DLC Listing, the Lunera CFL LED G24q lamp is already showing up on utility company rebate eligibility lists nationwide. You can contact a Lunera representative to identify utility rebates in your area.