needs to be bigger, more connected, and frankly, a whole lot smarter.


Changing how the world thinks is a big job.

Smart technology is all around us. But what is smart? What was smart yesterday is ordinary today and downright disappointing tomorrow.

That’s why we’re not particularly interested in defining what smart is and isn’t—we’re much more concerned with changing how people think about smart.

We see smart evolving from being about things into a state that surrounds us, a platform that informs us, an intelligence that empowers us, and an ambience that transforms everything we touch and shines down on everyplace we go.

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A smart idea built on an intelligent foundation.

Over the last few decades we’ve gone from thinking that the computer is the computer, to understanding that the network is the computer. This was a massive shift in how people think about technology. Today, the network is all around us—billions of devices, transmitting endless data. Welcome to the Internet of Things. It surrounds us. It’s everywhere. It’s ambient.

Lunera Ambient Compute is the network platform of tomorrow. It provides every smart device that exists today—and ones we can’t even imagine in the future—a robust foundation for IoT connectivity and communications.

It also supports a limitless ecosystem of applications that can run in and between the cloud, at the edge and on the devices themselves.

And it will enable the context-aware and fully automated user experiences that will define the next era of computing.


Looks like a lightbulb, but it’s a revolution.

At first glance, the Lunera Smart T8 bulb is pretty unassuming. It looks like a standard LED bulb. It’s plug-and-play (no wiring). And, just like all energy-efficient LED lights, over time it even pays for itself.

But what you don’t see is the real story: leading-edge IoT software combined with networking, computing, control and sensor hardware.

This means that everywhere you have a lighting fixture (which is basically everywhere), you have a powerful networking and computing platform with the ability to enable things like context-based wayfinding, asset tracking, Wi-Fi monitoring, proximity messaging, space utilization and more.

Lunera Smart T8 Lamp


The smartest marketplace around.

We’re not alone. The first wave of truly integrated  applications for our platform can be accessed from the Lunera Ambient Compute Marketplace.

Here are just a few of the featured applications:

  • Real-time location-based services that turn each lamp into a beacon capable of transmitting and receiving signals
  • IoT networking that enables connectivity of everything smart to realize the potential of the IoT within indoor settings
  • Energy management allows for a different user experience for each building occupant

And the application marketplace is growing daily.


A who’s who of innovation— changing how.

Alternative Energy Systems Consulting 
Optimize Energy, Increase Comfort & Improve Operations
Commerce Parking & Payments
Connected Customer Engagement
Trailblazing Smart Building Integrations with Excellence™
Big Data Energy Analytics and M&V
Real-time Indoor Positioning and Navigation Solutions
Location-based Analytics & Services
Artificial Intelligence Plugload Optimization System
Real-time Tracking Solutions for Perishables
Monitor, Analyze & Manage Critical Energy Assets
Real-time Location Systems (RTLS)

Many have already seen the light.


Meet the Lunera agents of change.

John Bruggeman


Netscape – AOL – Mercury – Wind River – Lucent
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Ajay Malik


Motorola – Cisco – Meru Networks – Google
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Cassio Conceicao

Chief Operating Officer

Silicon Graphics – Applied Materials – HPE
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Tom Quinn

SVP Worldwide Field Organization

Samsung – Texas Instruments
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