Commercial IoT was expensive, slow and complicated, so we reinvented it.

Plug in

  • Designed for existing buildings

    Deploy sensor and control endpoints without business disruption.

  • Extreme savings

    Cut energy savings by more than 50%, start saving immediately.

Get smart

  • Connect everything

    Integrate lights, HVAC, plug loads and more.

  • Real-time data

    Optimize energy use and manage more effectively.

Suite and simple

Lunera’s end-to-end Energy Management Optimization solutions.

Rapidly deploy sensor and control endpoints and save energy with plug and play

LED Sensor Lamps

Integrate data from multiple systems with

Facilities Director Platform

Automate building intelligence and optimize energy use with Lunera’s

Energy Manager App

A universe of possibilities

Energy savings are just the beginning. With a network of endpoints, you get the power to see how buildings are actually used and optimize how business really operates. Unlock a world of new opportunities:

  • Location based notifications

    Send info when and where it’s most useful

  • Space planning

    Heat maps show how people use space in real time

  • Asset/customer tracking

    Discover where objects and people are at any time

Master of the univers(ity)

Get real building intelligence across a single facility or a whole campus.

View campus solutions

Warehouse, meet
aware house

Transform warehouses to respond dynamically to real-world usage patterns.

View warehouse solutions

  • Standard LED Lamps

    Energy saving plug and play LED lamps.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    Lighting as a Service – The zero CapEx energy upgrade offering instant energy savings and rapid deployment to maximize business value.

  • Product Catalog

    Find solutions as quickly as possible with Lunera’s complete products and services catalog.

Let’s work together

Get in touch with us today and learn how extreme energy savings and building intelligence can work for you.

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