The Smart
Lighting Platform

The Lunera Smart Lighting Platform is transforming existing commercial and industrial buildings with a simple, affordable and valuable Universal IoT Gateway solution that is the open infrastructure way to enable indoor location services and provide connected lighting and energy management.

An ecosystem of independent software vendors, attracted to the open, scalable  architecture of this cloud-connected platform, and the availability of our smart lamp technology as a royalty-free module for lighting manufacturers, is redefining the future of SMART.

The Smart Lighting Platform is a future-proofed open architecture universal IoT gateway infrastructure for existing buildings that enables indoor location services and delivers connected lighting and energy management.

IoT Gateway Infrastructure

Instantly deploy a universal IoT gateway infrastructure using the Smart Lighting Platform’s built-in Wi-Fi for cloud connectivity and Bluetooth network for beaconing.

Indoor Location Services

Enable Real-Time Location-based Services and connect to any Bluetooth device through the built-in BLE radio beacons of the Smart Lighting Platform.

Energy Management

Cloud-based Building Management Services with integrated Networked Lighting Controls and occupancy-based HVAC control made possible with the Smart Lighting Platform.

OEM Program

You know lighting design. We know cloud-based IoT software and can help you jumpstart your smart lighting initiatives by joining our talents.

The New Smart Starts Here

The Smart Lighting Platform is just the beginning of our plan for autonomy, connectivity and processing everywhere at the edge.


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